4 bogtips fra bestseller-forfatter Tom Rachman

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Vi ligner jo næsten et ægtepar på dette billede : )

Vi ligner jo næsten et ægtepar på dette billede : )

I tirsdags var jeg så heldig at møde forfatteren Tom Rachman, der er aktuel med “Storhed og fald” (Politikens forlag), som jeg er godt i gang med. Og jeg kan afsløre, at den ser ud til at være lige så god som hans bestseller-hit “De ufuldkomne”. Tom var så flink at afsløre, hvilke fire bøger der har betydet noget særligt for ham.

The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot
Friends and relatives do not necessarily become whom you predict. This 19th century British novel is a moving example of that, recounting the early lives of a spirited sister and her rigid older brother. Over 15 years, they grow into adulthood, they fall apart, then back together. It’s a glorious example of old-fashioned storytelling that takes its time, but draws you deeply inside.

On the Black Hill by Bruce Chatwin
This exquisite short novel is another book about siblings, this time twin brothers on a farm in the wild Welsh countryside. They are condemned to a rough existence, which one of them longs to escape. But the First World War – and other complications – intervene, and determine their fate. Chatwin was one of the most talented contemporary writers, but died tragically young.

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
I keep choosing books about families, but I didn’t intend to! This classic novel drifts in and out of the consciousness of various members of the Ramsay family: the self-important intellectual patriarch, his graceful wife who serves as scaffolding for his ego, the thwarted son who despises his father. Once you have entered into their thoughts, you will never forget the intense wills of them all.

Stoner by John Williams
This novel came out in 1965, but only recently gained international acclaim. The story itself doesn’t sound promising: the life of an unexceptional English professor at an unexceptional university. But the novel is a powerful portrayal of the unfulfilled life, thwarted in part by Stoner’s own integrity. Williams captures a vibrant life that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Hvilke bøger har betydet noget særligt for dig?